For us working means to create something useful for our Customers. Since more than 30 years we manufacture laser gauges for automatic dimensional controls. Our gauges are installed on production lines all over the world following the requirements of our Customers which have always triggered our development activities. We have consolidated the success through the years thanks to our ongoing commitment to follow the technological evolution without losing sight of the user needs. Our laser thickness gauges, which we first started to produce in 1997 and represent our main product, are a typical example of this working philosophy.

In our laboratories we design and develop hardware and software, we perform feasibility studies and system engineering, we integrate high-technological optoelectronic devices and we manufacture complete systems to satisfy the requested application task.

Installations have been done in many industrial sectors. However, our main skill is concentrated in metal industry, both in cold and hot area, where the production processes require highly reliable control systems, capable to handle uninterrupted service even in the most severe environmental conditions.

The appreciation of our Customers has always helped us to continue with determination on the undertaken path, allowing us to develop a long experience on laser technologies and them to get the rightful benefits in terms of increase of productivity, quality and safety of production lines. When it comes to invest in measuring technologies, we are considered the ideal partner because we always guarantee the utmost attention in listening to customers’ requests and in offering high level support and solutions to their real and manifested needs.

We are a consolidated family Company. Since some years the new generation has become part of the company to guarantee continuity to our work and to our present and future Customers.

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