Be connected. Process the data quickly. And do it automatically. All essential characteristics for a product that wants to meet market demands. It is exactly following this direction that IFELL gauges are designed, developed and constantly updated.

Each IFELL measuring gauge, from the simplest to the most complex, become part of the customer’s production process: during the working cycle the gauge acquires a series of values ​. At the end of each cycle, the data are processed in a few seconds and automatically sent to the management system or a computer connected to the network. A unique control report is therefore generated for each product code, containing measurements, statistical data, graphs, …

The connection to the production management system makes available the data necessary for an effective analysis of the production process, in a completely automatic way.

Connection is also synonymous with fast customer assistance. Most of our gauges are equipped with a tool for remote connection that allow us to support the customer quickly and follow him for any further needs.